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Search portal "Yandex" from now on will determine the sex and age of the user. On the basis of the calculated data, the system will show the visitor targeted advertising.

"Yandex" trying to enter the territory where hitherto the monopoly was in social networks. Actually, the technology of sex determination has been developed through their own social networks.

Members of both sexes and age groups have different behavior on the Internet. For example, in men the average length of a search query (3.2 words) than women (3.5 words). At the same mistake men make a little more often. And more women enter the search string interrogative sentences ("what is love," "how to lose weight," etc.). According to the director of development of media products "Yandex" Leo Glaser, the new company's technology analyzes the performance behavior of about 300 Internet users.

Technology characterization visitors (it was called "The Crypt") worked on the basis of one million users of social networks of business contacts, "My Circle". Believe in the "Yandex", in business communication, people tend to show the real age. Reliability of the data in the postal service is much lower. The company believes that the success achieved, let us assume the floor, learn to identify with accuracy 70%.

On September 1, the advertisers of "Yandex" it will be possible targeted advertising - by sex, age and income level site visitors. My targeted advertising - to be introduced on all services except the main page and search - will be a half times more expensive than usual. But, as noted by Glaser, it allows you to advertise to this targeted audience.

Introducing the "crypto", director of development of media products "Yandex" told of an amusing incident during the testing technology. When a banner advertising an expensive car began to show only the target audience, decreased the percentage of "clicked" on his visitors. It turned out that the first advertisement of the elite cars in the main visitors were interested in buying it for lack of income - just out of curiosity.

The world's largest search engine Google on most of their services using only geographic targeting of advertising, said "Marker" representative of Google Russia Alla Zabrovskaya. Socio-demographic characteristics used to target ads only to certain areas - such as YouTube and social networking for some, that includes an affiliate network of Google AdSense. This uses anonymous (no names) the user data, which they pointed out in social networks.